The duo formed by Marie-Michelle Fortin and Sébastien Roulier shatter the Guinness record at the Montreal Marathon

It’s at the Montreal Marathon that another page of history has been written for Kartus: a new world record! Sébastien and Marie-Michelle broke the Guinness record for the fastest duet marathon. The team crossed the finish line in 3:01, shattering the previous record … by 30 minutes!

Sebastien confessed that this marathon was the easiest and most energizing of his career: he would not want to do it with anyone other than Marie-Michelle. He stressed the importance of the Kartus MKII: according to him, the disc brakes as well as the swivel wheel have optimized its performance. For her part, Marie-Michelle was very proud to have crossed the finish line with her teammate, dedicating the race to her marathon grandfather. She also celebrated her victory by buying her first running shoes for life!

Kartus was accompanied by a Radio-Canada film crew for the occasion: