Shared Runs in Quebec

Shared Runs, this weekly gathering that took shape in Sherbrooke, is now present in Quebec City! Thanks to the work of Alexandra Côté-Lavoie, Catherine Carrière, Édouard Sylvestre and Laurence Dion, the community is gaining momentum. The aim of these races remains unchanged: to promote the happiness of physical activity for all, including especially those with reduced mobility. Very quickly, several local organizations got involved to support the project.

In this respect, a magnificent course was designed: what could be better than an enchanting circuit on the edge of the Saint-Charles River? Kartus is all the more proud of the fact that the Shared Runs movement is spreading in Quebec, the city where the company has adopted. By actively participating in the events, runners can enjoy the best running chairs (Guinness records at support) in the world!

To support Quebec Shared Runs in their fundraising, it is <a href=”–RxiA22nC414UdoyhbTTQ”> here </a>!

Alexandra Coté-Lavoie tells us more about the initiative:

Alexandra Côté-Lavoie, Executive Director of Shared Runs of Quebec.