Kartus being a part of groceries delivery

Self-isolation is something that can prove difficult for a number of people, most notably the senior citizens. In light of this,Le Coureur, a running shop in Sherbrooke, decided to take matters into their own hands.

With the help of the first Kartus prototypes, the runners affiliated with the shop deliver groceries to a number of residences ! As members of the Shared Runs, the runners were already aware of the power of community. After only one day of deliveries, the demand skyrocketed. As said by Joël Saint-Louis, owner of the shop : « Our perimeter is in the neighborhood, but we are going to expand our scope. By running, we help alleviate the load of the grocery stores. »

Kartus is proud to contribute, in its own way, to bringing communities together.

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La Tribune, Michelle Boulay