Kartus at the Maison Caméléon sports week

Maison Chameleon, of Sherbrooke, together with ROP, CAPVISH and Carrefour, organized a march in Quebec City. The day was to mark disability week, June 1-6. Kartus joined the walkers, who left the IRDPQ to Place Fleur de Lys, place of a free show.

Maison Chameleon is a reception center for people with physical or intellectual difficulties. In order to support the week, she rented two Kartus, making her residents enjoy an out of the ordinary activity. Mathieu Papillon, employee of the house, mentioned the great appreciation for the sensation of the wind and the speed on the face, a feeling that they never have the opportunity to experiment.

Kartus would like to thank Maison Chameleon, ROP, CAPVISH and Carrefour for their involvement in communities of people with physical or intellectual disabilities.