The new Kartus MKII running chair is now available. Finally a device suitable for the outdoors and sports activities!

Adult Stroller for running

The Kartus MKII stroller

The Kartus running chair is designed to allow everyone to experience sports activities and outdoor activities. Ergonomics have been designed for both co-runners and runners. The seat has several tilt angles to ensure optimum comfort. The panels on each side at the rear prevents clashes with the spokes of the wheel. Front panels restrict leg movements for users with spasms. The sitting position is comfortable and allows you to see the road and the landscape around the duo.

The handlebar at the back allows a good grip of the chair. Its height is adjustable to accommodate runners of all sizes. A brake lever helps to keep optimal control throughout the hike. Several accessories can be added, such as a bottle holder, triathlon handles, or a cyclometer.

Running, a passion that can be shared!

Several racing clubs allow young and old to experience the joy of running in duo with a Kartus running chair. We are proud to count among a multitude of ambassadors who run every week with co-runners.

The fastest in the world!

The adventure of Marie-Michelle Fortin and Sébastien Roulier in duet with a Kartus running chair enabled them to beat no less than two Guinness records (21km and 42km). They also traveled to Boston in April 2019. A touching and inspiring story.

Experience unforgettable moments

The Kartus running chair is the ideal stroller for unforgettable and meaningful moments with family, friends, or with people who do not have the chance to do stimulating activities in the open air.

Designed and manufactured in Canada

We are proud to say that our running chairs are designed and manufactured in Canada.

At Kartus, we are constantly pushing our limits to allow people with reduced mobility to experience sports activities and to do outdoor activities in complete safety.