The new Kartus MKII stroller is now available. Finally a device suitable for the outdoors and sports activities!

The outdoors, accessible

This new device finally allows better accessibility to the outdoors. With all the benefits associated with this type of activity, such as reducing anxiety or reducing depression , Kartus stands out with a new kind of product that has a human touch. We want to allow everyone to experience outdoor activities or sports activities.

Share the happiness of walking or running

Live new, meaningful moments in urban or in nature settings

For better accessibility of outdoor activities

Let’s get everyone outside!

Running, a passion that can be shared!

Several racing clubs allow young and old to experience the joy of running in duo with a Kartus stroller. We are proud to count among a multitude of ambassadors who run every week with co-runners.

Experience unforgettable moments

The Kartus stroller is the ideal stroller for unforgettable and meaningful moments with family, friends, or with people who do not have the chance to do stimulating activities in the open air.

The fastest in the world!

The adventure of Marie-Michelle Fortin and Sébastien Roulier in duet with a Kartus stroller enabled them to beat no less than two Guinness records (21km and 42km). They also traveled to Boston in April 2019. A touching and inspiring story.

Designed and manufactured here in Quebec

We are proud to say that our strollers are designed and manufactured in Quebec.

At Kartus, we are constantly pushing our limits to allow people with reduced mobility to experience sports activities and to do outdoor activities in complete safety.